Knowing how our children are faring is essential to understanding the strength of Detroit’s turnaround. But that information has been complex and hard to come by… until now.

Explore hundreds of datasets by location across Detroit and Michigan!

Data Driven Detroit and The Skillman Foundation have partnered to bring open, user-friendly access to the information that matters most to ensuring Detroit is first and foremost a city that cares for children.

The goal of the State of the Detroit Child platform is to provide reliable, timely data to improve the well-being of Detroit’s kids by driving informed decision making and advocacy at every level, from community leaders, policymakers, and nonprofit organizations to individuals and families.

The State of the Detroit Child data tool offers:

  • A comprehensive view of the conditions Detroit children experience

  • Data from the granular (census tract and zip code) to the large-scale (city and congressional district) for anywhere in the state of Michigan

  • Information displayed through interactive visualizations that make the data easy to understand