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Veterans and Military

Data collected about past and present members of the U.S. Armed Forces.


The Census Bureau asks three questions specific to service in the armed forces. The tables summarizing responses to those questions are listed below. In addition to the Veteran-specific tables, there are a few other pertinent tables to know about.


In general, the Census tables about employment include "Armed Forces" as a component of the labor force. So, you can use tables like B23001 to know how many people are in active service for a given geography. (See the B23002 series for the same data broken down in racial iterations.) Table B23025 presents employment status by industry, including active service armed forces.

Social and Family Characteristics

These tables have "armed forces" broken out as a separate column:

  • B12006: Marital Status by Sex by Labor Force Participation
  • B23003: Presence of Own Children by Age of Children
  • B23006: Educational Attainment by Employment Status
  • B23007: Presence of Own Children by Family Type by Employment
  • B23024: Poverty Status by Disability Status by Employment Status

Code title
B21001 Sex by Age by Veteran Status for the Civilian Population
B21002 Period of Military Service for Civilian Veterans
B21003 Veteran Status by Educational Attainment for the Civilian Population
B21004 Median Income by Veteran Status by Sex for the Civilian Population
B21005 Age by Veteran Status by Employment Status
B21007 Age by Veteran Status by Poverty Status in the Past 12 Months by Disability Status for the Civilian Population
B21100 Service-connected Disability-rating Status and Ratings for Civilian Veterans
B99211 Imputation of Veteran Status for the Population
B99212 Imputation of Period of Military Service for Civilian Veterans
Also available in racial iterations.
Table also available in "collapsed" version: change "B" to "C" for table code.